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ma hoisting licenses defined

Class 1: Hoisting

  • 1a = Derricks & lattice cranes (covers 1b, 1c, and 1d)

  • 1B = telescoping booms w/cables (covers 1C and 1D)

  • 1c = telescoping booms without cables (covers 1d)

  • 1d = forklifts

Class 2: excavating

  • 2a = excavators (covers 2b, 2c, and 2d)

  • 2b = backhoes (covers 2c and 2d)

  • 2c = front end loaders (covers 2d)

  • 2d = compact machines (excavators, backhoes, loaders - under 10,000 lbs)

Class 3: tower, electric, and air

  • 3a = derricks and self-erecting tower cranes

Class 4: specialty

  • 4a = no longer exists ... 

  • 4B = drill rigs

  • 4c = pipeline side-booms

  • 4d = concrete pumps

  • 4e = catch basin cleaner

  • 4f = sign hanging equipment

  • 4g = specialty lawn mower

municipality limited license

  • as per the massachusetts department of public safety,  "Operators who are employed by a municipal public works department may operate, solely within the scope of their municipal employment, under a single license equipment under the following restrictions: 1c, 2B, and 4g." 

  • applying for this license requires you to submit a letter from your employer (the municipality), on letterhead, proving the authenticity of your employment.

  • if you leave this employer (whether your decision, or not), your municipality limited license becomes null/void.

  • municipality limited license-holders are still responsible for completing continuing education requirements.

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