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ma hoisting exam process

Step 1: Submit an application to the ma department of public safety

  • typically, applicants take exam(s) in the month following the one in which they applied. Example: apply in july, take the exam in august.

Step 2: the ma dps informs you - via mail - where/when your exam(s) will be

  • typically, this happens 2 weeks before your scheduled exam date.

  • keep an eye on your mailbox! (if you move, call the ma dps and notify them of your change in address).

Step 3: pass your exam(s) - which requires a 70% or higher​​

  • the ma dps will mail you your license in the coming weeks. you may not operate until you have your license in-hand!

  • if you do not pass, you can retake the exam(s) in 90 days.

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